The Last Defense: Julius Jones


Executive producers Viola Davis and Julius Tennon have teamed up with XCON Productions and Lincoln Square Productions for the powerful, new documentary series, The Last Defense. The docu-series explores and exposes flaws in the American justice system through emotional, in-depth examinations of the death row case Julius Jones. The series will seek to trace the path that led Jones to his places on death row, while taking a deep look into his personal story.



Link to: S1 E05 Julius Jones: The Crime
41:57 | 07/10/18 | NR | CC
University of Oklahoma student Julius Jones is arrested for the shooting death of a businessman. 

Link to: S1 E06 Julius Jones: The Trial
42:23 | 07/17/18 | NR | CC
The prosecution’s star witness testifies he was there when Julius pulled the trigger; a critical piece of evidence is never seen by the jury; Julius’ current lawyers give him hope.

 Link to: S1 E07 Julius Jones: The Fight
41:47 | 07/24/18 | NR | CC
New evidence comes to light, and a race to win a new trial for Julius Jones begins. 



Legal Proceedings

Court of Criminal Appeals

Denying third application for post conviction relieve and related motions for discovery and evidentiary hearing.

View the Order

US Supreme Court


For writ of certiorari to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

View the filing

Court of Criminal Appeals


Third application for post-conviction relief death penalty case.

View the filing

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